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The Adventures of Sayali- Part 1

The original plan for this week’s post was a bold and far-reaching one. I was going to write every week about something new I had tried, whether it was a lifestyle change, a new-to-me product or recipe, or a risky endeavor (probably less of those).

Sayali proposes and virus disposes. I was knocked out by the flu and had to cancel everything. The worst thing about a bad case of the flu is how absolutely miserable it can make you feel.  Achiness, chills, fever, congestion…ugh. Zip lining and roller derbies would have to wait.

But with the flu came a surprise adventure. Being bedridden and with a foggy brain, I was hardly capable of taking care of myself, let alone my children and my home. Quietly, my husband took over- making simple, fresh meals for the kids, keeping the house functioning, and making sure I was as comfortable as possible, in addition to fighting e-fires at his own day job. For a couple of days, I was so weakened, I couldn’t even give my husband my regular “reminders” to do things (meaning how to do them my way). And yet, and yet…..everything got done just perfectly.

It was a tough pill to swallow, tougher than those Tamiflu monstrosities. I didn’t have to be in control in order for life to move forward? I didn’t have to remind my husband about every little thing? And if something did get skipped over, the world didn’t stop turning?

So there we have it, an adventure on the roller-coaster of my own mind. Letting someone else be in control- no, let me be fair, being forced to let someone else be in control- scary, but worth it. Give someone else the reins […]

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Water by Hiba Tanvir


I can be as subtle and cleansing as a drop on a leaf. Sliding gently,harmless and docile
I can be abundant and generous like a well needed rainfall.
I can be placed at the bottom and I know how to make my way up. I can defy gravity.
I can make myself essential to others lives while still maintaining my independence.I know how to find my way to the deeper ends, to where my dreams lie.
I know how to handle resistance. I’ll try negotiating but my instinct is to keep going.
I know how to gently move the largest boulders, inch by inch. Not dramatic, but strategic.

I have enough force to move things that fall along my path.
I’ll make them flow with me, I’ll make my destination their destination.
I have enough will to start as a drop and end as an ocean.
If I’m met with sustained resistance, I’ll dissolve my obstacle but I can not and will not stagnate.
For stagnation is death and death I resist.

I absorb what is thrown at me and in me. Without a ripple, I internalize it. It adds to my force, it adds to my substance.
I only know how to move forward, I do not look back for the ocean is ahead and not behind.
I can be warm when I feel that is what is required.
I can be cold when my surroundings compel me.

I can be whatever is required of me.
I will keep flowing till I reach my destination.
For a drop to reach the ocean, the journey is long and so I must flow.
I can create and I can destruct to get to where I want.

I am water.
I am Water….

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Spring and Renewal

It finally looks like Winter is on his way out and Spring is arriving here in our part of the world. Who doesn’t look forward to Spring? There are beautiful flowers, mild temperatures, and days just sunny enough to make you happy but not burn your skin off.
There is a sense of refreshment and possibility in the air, and starting (or restarting) a project doesn’t seem as intimidating. Things seem to get accomplished quickly and suddenly, like the tulips and crocuses (crocii?) which just pop up without any notice.
Much can be said about the benefits of Winter, though- a time for rest, hibernation, and clear, dark nights. It seems unproductive and uncomfortable, but there is so much growth going on underneath the surface. All that unnoticeable growth serves to strengthen and fortify your resources. We are all like tulips, needing the cold and darkness to bloom at the right time.

You will notice a freshness in our programming, as well as this blog, after an eventful Winter. Many new shows have joined the lineup here at Radio Azad, and we encourage to check out our archives (in the “Podcasts” section of the website) to get a taste. We were proud to be media partners for great events like the Beauty Glam Makeup Party and the DFW South Asian Film Festival. Our minds are brimming with new ideas and we would love to hear your thoughts as well! So tune in, comment, and call us- nothing puts a spring in our step as much as hearing from you!


– Sayali

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Guest post by Apollo Tutors- Diagnosing Barriers to Student Success

Gaining Insight before it becomes Hindsight 

We’ve all had that moment where we take a quiz or test after learning a concept, only to find out once we get it back that we were approaching the material completely wrong. Hindsight is 20/20, and often times it can be difficult to figure out that the way a student is approaching a concept is wrong until after the fact. If only there was a way to gain insight into what barriers are preventing a student’s understanding before it becomes hindsight. Fortunately there is: targeted practice and personalized learning.

Learning Styles

The goal of learning is to build a mastery of skills and subjects. according to best practices and standard learning outcomes. While traditional learning standards provide uniform results for large groups of students, they often fall short of the unique learning styles, approaches, and barriers that individual students experience.

Studies in positive psychology indicate that students  learn optimally when information is presented according to their learning style,  but also can have deficient performance if information is presented in a way that is contrary to their learning style and lead to frustration and discourage performance gains.

Diagnosing Barriers and Prescribing Solutions

Our tutors work with students to identify focus areas so that they can hone in on potential barriers to understanding.  They then work with the student and their parents to propose a plan on how to progress and then work toward their learning goals.

Studying Smart v. Studying Hard
Apollo Tutors helps students study smart by reinforcing organizational and study skills. We provide a 90 minute one-on-one study skills workshop to work on time management, organizational skills, study strategies, as well as goal setting to help students optimize how they use their time, study smarter, […]

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Tragic incident in Irving- Who is to blame?

Today’s guest post is by a dear listener, Sameena Ishrath. Thank you Sameena ji for this food for thought!

Irving Mother Tragic Incident -Whom To Blame.
By Sameena Ishrath.

Most of us are really mad at the verdict that the Irving mom who killed her two autistic kids in 2010 was found not guilty of her crime .

On social media people are blaming the justice system for not punishing her to death . Very, very harsh comments and posts are circulating , every one is judging and passing on their opinion .

But please take few minutes and think ..why did this tragic incident happen in the first place ? Was there anything that the family was lacking ? Did that family ever get any emotional support from family and friends ? How was the mother coping with the two autistic kids ? Did she suffer from depression and anxiety ? Did she even ever accept her kids’ diagnosis ?

As a community what can we do to avoid this kind of tragic incidentsin future ?
How can we bring awareness and establish a support system for parents with special needs kids ? ……

There’s a lot we can do as a community, but here are a few simple things you can do on individual basis if your neighbor ,friend or family member has a child with special needs:

1) After receiving the diagnosis many parents completely disconnect from the rest of the world; if you know or have any idea about what’s going on in your friend’s life just reach out to them and make them feel that they are not alone. Offer to accompany a parent to any appointments with the special needs child .

2) Listen to what ever they want to say […]

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Monday Musings- On making life easier (part 1)


Happy end of Monday! And it’s almost the end of October…where does the time go? I would love to be clever and say something less clichéd, but nothings seems as fitting (there’s a reason clichés are clichés!).

I have recently been thinking a lot about simplifying. I did not jump on the minimalism train when it chugged by, and I thought voluntary simplicity was for childless hippies living in small yurts in the middle of nowhere (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Now, buried under mountains of obligations (I purposefully obliged to at the time), commitments (I joyfully committed to at the time), and things (I happily purchased or accepted at the time), I am seriously reconsidering. A yurt is looking rreeeeeaaaaaal good right now.

Sidestepping the issues of materialism, “never-say-no” syndrome, and other reasons for this virtual burial, I want to concentrate on the effect it has on my life. Instead of filling my days with a feeling of purpose and ease, I feel sometimes that I have ended up making life difficult for myself, filling up my time and closets with trivialities.

So let’s tweak the Radio Azad tagline a bit for our own purposes- “Khud ke liye aasaaniyaan paide kijiye, rabb aapko dusron ke liye aasaaniyan paida karne denge”. Ok, so it needs some work, but my point is it’s ok to take a simpler route. It will allow you to help others with a clearer heart, and it will make you much less grumpy (talking to myself here).

One thing I’ve done to make my own life easier is implement a “cooking turn” with a dear friend who lives nearby. I cook for her family one day a week and she cooks for my family […]

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On Columbus Day

Today was Columbus Day here in the United States- a Federal Holiday celebrating the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ landing in the Americas.

I am always perplexed by the importance this day is given. I would think it would be one of those weird holidays which we celebrate on ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’, not an actual bank holiday. Perhaps, though, this is proof that you never know what your destiny holds. Shri Columbus was a man with my sense of direction (=none); he “discovered” the Americas which he thought was India (I can just hear his GPS saying “Recalculating…..Recalculating…..”). By all accounts he was not a very nice man, but we will leave that for more honest and less sugar-coaty bloggers. I am still scratching my head over the day off my daughter had from school because one man lost his way. I get lost all the time. And I discover things (which other people already knew about) on the way to getting lost. Your grandkids will probably be celebrating “Sayali Day”.

All things considered, accidental discoveries can be fantastic. I accidentally discovered my husband in my mid-twenties even though we had lived in the same town for all our lives. I accidentally found a new career when I was laid off of my “actual” job. I accidentally found out I liked hearing the sound of my own voice when became an RJ for the most awesome radio station. I accidentally found my daughters’ lost Lego piece when I stepped on it. Scratch that, that wasn’t so fantastic.

So here’s to discoveries of all sorts, accidental or otherwise- may we all continue discovering new things about ourselves and our world.


Have you helped your friends discover Radio Azad yet?

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The Era of Personalized Learning- Guest Post


Why understanding students’ learning needs is essential to improving outcomes

It is popularly known that students have unique learning styles that differ from person to person, but it is only recently that research has provided insights about the drivers behind personalized learning.

A recent study from Harvard University compared the process of educators and physicians in terms of diagnosing problems, prescribing solutions, and monitoring progress.

In the era of analytics, we now have robust insight into how to help students learn in a way that works best for their learning style.
Personalized Learning

The key to personalized learning is to determine what unique learning needs students have and to implement solutions and practice to reinforce key skill areas. Research has shown how students learn better from instructors who share similar learning and personality types, as well as how students respond more to effective feedback when they feel their core competencies are engaged and that the effort they put forth leads to an improvement in skill development.

Mentorship and Lifelong Learning
Mentorship is also a key component of personalized learning. Mentors provide guidance to students for how success in the classroom leads to success in college, the workplace ,and beyond. Mentors provide students with the instruction and guidance to spur curiosity and motivation for lifelong learning. Research has shown that a strong rapport between mentors and students improves student outcomes across socioeconomic status, age, and academic subjects.
Apollo Tutors is proud to offer a personalized learning approach to private tutoring by matching students with tutors who share their learning style and personality type from the True Color Personality Test. We also use data to track students’ progress on their learning goals. Apollo also provides organizational / study skills workshops to help students study […]

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Bakra Bowl announcement!

Football Fans, the Islamic Community of DFW and Radio Azad bring to you the 1st Annual Bakra Bowl.

In recognition of Eid-Al-Adha, the various masjids across the metroplex have gotten together to organize the very first Bakra Bowl. The one day Flag Football tournament will be held at the Maverick’s Stadium at the University of Texas at Arlington on Saturday October 11th from 8 am to 5 pm.

Come on by and show your support for the community.

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5 steps to a stress-free school year- Educational tricks of the trade that can improve performance and reduce stress

The qualities that make an effective student are very similar to the qualities that make a professional athlete great- consistency, confidence, and dedicated practice. With the ebbs and flows of the school year, and students’ increasingly busy schedules, sometimes it can be tough juggling assignments, extra curricular activities, and exams while also thinking about ways to build skills and experiences for the lifelong journey of learning.
Here are 5 Steps that can help lead to a stress free school year:

1. Get Organized

Recording assignments, exams, and extracurricular activities in a central place can help students map out their schedules for the semester and to make sure they are on track. Keeping a physical or electronic planner can provide an easy reference to help avoid headaches and last-minute anxieties from procrastinating. Having a dedicated folder / binder for classes with a system for keeping notes, homework, and past assignments also makes it easier to refer back to material when studying for a test.

2. Active Listening

We always hear the difference between hearing and listening- but active listening strategies are essential tools for students to piece together the information they learn from their readings and from teachers’ lectures. Taking notes on both the content from a slide deck and the teacher’s verbal cues can provide insight into what the key takeaways from a lecture are, and to expose students to multiple representations of information that they could expect to see on an exam. Using an outline format or another organization strategy also allows students to piece together important connections in the material by categorizing information. Asking questions is also an essential part of active listening- curiosity may have killed the cat, but can also be  a powerful learning tool

3.Studying […]

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