Azad Khan

Host: Bol K Lub Azad Hain Teray

If you are fan of desi radio, you probably have heard of Azad Khan. South Asian radio is evolving in the Metroplex where majority of the shows follow the exact same format under different names. Another category of desi radio is infomercials on immigration, mortgage and healthcare. To his credit, it was six years ago that Azad Khan  started a new trend of engaging the audience in meaningful and thought provoking discussions on a wide variety of topics. “The topics just come to me – sometimes in the shower.” Khan manages to engage his listeners and provide them a “platform” to share ideas and express opinions. Born and raised in Pakistan, Khan moved to Dallas in 2008. He said that he picked Dallas because it reminds him of Lahore, especially “the weather and the people.” Khan holds an MBA in management and marketing and has held crucial government positions during his 11 year career in Pakistan.

Azad can be contacted regarding community service and advertising on Radio Azad at 469-358-2321 or email at