Farhan Abid

Host: Week in Review

From Ohio via Dubai, after crossing the seven seas, Farhan decided to make Dallas, Texas, his home. A news junkie, Farhan loves all the things in big 24 pt bold fonts, which lie anywhere between as diverse as understanding the shortcomings of US congressional politics to why the Pakistan cricket team can never maintain any form of performance that remotely imitates consistency.

His passion for community and the world around him keep him engaged seven days a week. Between playing brother, son, husband, and the host of “The Week in Review with Farhan”, he also makes time to fulfill the role of Project Manager and Sr. Business Analyst for a Fort Worth based financial technology firm. Farhan earned a B.S. from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business and is an avid sports, news, movies, politics (insert any and everything you can think of) fan!